Numerous people who are interested in fishes farm select fishes which are simple to look after and which also look awesome. On the market there are many unique fishes which match the specifications. They are also very popular. 1 of the sorts of the fish is undoubtedly guppy.


Autor: Patrik Tschudin
What is guppy and where does it stay?

Guppy is a small fishes which resides in sunny parts of the world. It is also popular as millionfish or Rainbow fish. It enjoys warm seas and for this reason it lives in the most tropical parts of the planet, like Costa Rica, Mexico, Jamaica, Cuba, Indonesia, India, South Africa and other warm areas. Now, it is 1 of the most fashionable fishes in aquariums.

More facts about fish breeding

The fishes does not require a large tank. Moreover, it is considered to be easy to reproduce but if you would like to reproduce only them in your tank, it is recommended to have some additional knowledge. The breeding can turn out to be too difficult for amateurs. The breeding takes time, patience and knowledge of the inheritance. The minimal approved fish tank capacity is more or less twenty five litres for one male and several women like plants. Various breeders have even recommended that while reproduction time it is important to provide only fifteen litres for one men and two females.

Fishes in aquarium

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Food for guppy: Guppy fishes is omnivorous. They are happy to eat any type of food; still, it is essential to fed them in a varied way. The dull diet (especially based on an synthetic diet) is dangerous for guppies. They enjoy to search for live larvae of mosquitoes. For the right improvement, it is also required to supply plant food (algae). You will give them chopped spinach and lettuce leaves plus porridge oatmeal and semolina. Guppies are fish which will be adored by most of tank fans. They look awesome and they will undoubtedly catch the interest of each customer who will see your room with the tank. What is more, they are also very easy to breed.