Times, when we were driving trough Europe by car, spending plenty of hours to get to our travel point, are over. Nowadays, most of young people are traveling by plane. Nothing wrong with that – thanks to newest airline corporations, we are able to buy low-price ticket for flights whole around the globe. Even journey from Europe to Australia is in our reach, but we must to find nice deal. Make sure that your holiday will be the best and low-price, by fallowing some rules.

Longer weekends

Thanks to airlines, travelers might flights to very distant towns in couple hours. Because of that, employers are taking longer weekends in their jobs, to see some famous capitals. If there were no airline, trip like that will took 12 hours! The only problem is to getting out from airfield to the old town – sometimes it is very far away. But there are taxis, and still it is shorter trip then by bus.


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In past, we use to pack even three bags for our holiday, packing plenty of clothes, sport stuff, even groceries. Now, if we try to get all of it to our airplane, it will cost us fortune! In cost of our ticket, we only have one bag (and how big it is, is up to rules of airline company) (see something more). If we need to take extra luggage with us (which may contains food) we have to pay extra for it. Often, if we buy registered luggage, it cost us twice! So if you are interested only in cheap flights, be wise during packing.

What take with me on board?

If you are choosing only carry-on baggage, you must to know couple rules. Before your flight, be sure that size and weight of your luggage is admissible, to avoid extra costs. Also, you shouldn’t carry any liquids (bigger then 100ml), food, beverages and sharp objects. It you got any of that, it will be confiscated by guards. Beside your carry-on bag, you may also take a personal item with you – it may be a purse, a rucksack or briefcase – not to big and also without forbidden objects.


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How to find the best deal?

If you are arranging a really cheap vacations, you have to know how to pick airline ticket smart. You must avoid hot seasons – July, August or longer weekends. If you are planning to visit Barcelona, for instance, try to get tickets for May, June or September flights – it should be even two times cheaper, but the weather still could be nice. Plus there are fewer travelers, so you avoid crowd on the beach (explore additional imformacje).Get your ticket half year or few days before your flight – first and last minute options often are the cheapest. But every now and then first minute tours might be deleted, if it will be to few buyers. On the other hand, if you buy last minute, you have to be prepare that you may not find anything good, and you just go on vacations to any random destination.

In Present times, many of younger people prefer flights over bus trips for their summertime mode of transportation. It is not weird – this mode is faster, more comfortable and often even cheaper. If we are aware of couple rules, we will be able to buy very cheap flight tickets, and have some more money to spend in time of our journey.